Stainless steel dryer

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Stainless steel drying drum is the main assembly of drying drum dryer. Drying drum bearing and dense cutting are the important parts of stainless steel drying drum. These parts not only have supporting capacity, but also have the sealing function of steam and condensate in imported or excluded stainless steel drying drum.

The steam from the stainless steel drying drum enters directly into the inner hole of the shaft head of the stainless steel drying drum from the intake hole of the bearing seat. When adjusting the screw pressure or tightness, the spiral asbestos rubber filler can be compacted by pressing the lamb to form a radial contraction and a cylindrical close cutting state with the shaft head of the stainless steel drying drum. However, this stainless steel drying drum has some defects, such as large rotary resistance of the shaft head, easy wear and tear, high power consumption and so on.

However, this kind of stainless steel drying drum also has some advantages that can not be ignored, including simple structure, easy processing and maintenance, and low electrical requirements during installation. Therefore, although the filler sealed stainless steel drying drum bearing has a long history of development, it still has a high demand at present.

< p> Asbestos rubber sheet is made by pressing asbestos, rubber and fillers. According to its formula, process, performance and use, there are mainly high-pressure asbestos rubber sheet, medium and low-pressure asbestos rubber sheet, oil-resistant asbestos rubber sheet, acid and alkali resistance and other categories.

As a sealing material for pipeline flange, high pressure vessel flange and various mechanical joints, it can be used to punch gaskets with good sealing performance with acid and alkali resistance requirements. When used, gaskets of various shapes and sizes are usually punched according to requirements.

The asbestos materials for making asbestos rubber sheets are chrysotile asbestos and blue asbestos (blue asbestos).

Chrysotile asbestos belongs to serpentine asbestos. Its main component is magnesium silicate containing about 13% crystalline water. It has good heat resistance, alkali resistance, high tensile strength and poor acid resistance. Most asbestos rubber sheets are made from it. Blue asbestos belongs to amphibole-like asbestos. Its main component is silicate containing 2.5-3.5% crystalline water. Magnesium oxide has very little component, and iron oxide accounts for 18-24%. Blue asbestos not only has good heat resistance, but also acid resistance, so it is mostly used to make acid-resistant asbestos rubber sheets.

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