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Brief Introduction of Wool Burning Machine

Authorú║ Publication timeú║2019-3-6 9:24:45

Sintering machine is divided into gas and contact type hot plate. Hot plate Sintering machine is divided into copper plate Sintering Machine, alloy cylinder Sintering Machine and electric heating metal plate Sintering Machine. The heat source of gas wool burner is generally gas, petroleum gas and gasoline. In the past, except for some dyeing and finishing plants using metal hot plate (copper plate cylinder) singeing machine, most of them used gas singeing machine. However, with the increasing requirements for the sintering quality of medium and heavy cotton fabrics and high density pure cotton fabrics, an enterprise has developed a ceramic tube electric heating contact metal plate burner, which processes 14*2 tex*28 tex pure cotton half-line khaki. At the speed of 70-80 m/min, the sintering quality is greater than or equal to grade 4 (only short wool, and more neat), and the speed of general fabrics is 90-110 m/min.

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